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  • theAstronomer


    Demystifying astrophysics/astronomy research

  • Leigh Sorokin

    Leigh Sorokin

  • Vanshika Dhyani

    Vanshika Dhyani

    | Science Writer | An amalgamation of art and science! From quantum mechanics to dog rescue stories! I write them all 🌻 | I got curated by Medium! |

  • Samantha Falcucci

    Samantha Falcucci

    Technology professional, analog astronaut, science communicator, and scuba diver in NYC.

  • Mike Van Horn

    Mike Van Horn

    I have 3 identities: 1. Science fiction writer. 2. Small business advisor. My sci fi is a hell of a lot more fun! 3. Lonely politics — not right, not left.

  • Greg @Colmachine

    Greg @Colmachine

    Greg Jones. I Read and Write.

  • Oskar Elek

    Oskar Elek

    Making sense of the revelation that the ingrained reductionist approach might not answer it all. Nor any other, single way of thinking…

  • Allan Milne Lees

    Allan Milne Lees

    Anyone who enjoys my articles here on Medium may be interested in my books Why Democracy Failed and The Praying Ape, both available from Amazon.

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